IT Support Pack for Solo Advisors, Coaches, and Consultants

Get your IT problems resolved when you work on your own

There’s a ton of appeal in working on your own as a trusted advisor to clients – greater freedom, greater day rates, and greater sense of partnership – but along with that is the fact that it’s down to you to do everything in your business. Sales, proposals, invoicing, tax returns, and paperwork are now something you do, and you're now responsibile for fixing things when they break or aren’t working properly.

And part of that is your IT – it’s now down to you to source, support, and manage your own IT.

Larger businesses can just hand these problems over to someone to fix, but some solo advisors/coaches find this more of a struggle as there isn’t someone to just hand this over to. Normally.

IWN-IT offers a service specifically for solo advisors/coaches. For £65/month, we offer the same IT support that we do for our other businesses. What we do is take away the risk of IT failure – if something goes wrong with your IT (your laptop, phone, your broadband, anything) you can call us up and we’ll fix it for you.

We also monitor your IT and make sure that it’s running the latest version of software and patches, that the antivirus is working, and that your backups are working properly and healthy.

And we do everything we do with a three-month rolling contract – so you’re not tied in, and there are no restrictions on access to our helpdesk for “break/fix” enquiries (“if it breaks, we fix it”), and unlimited access to advice and guidance.

All of this means that if you run into problems with your IT, it won’t get in the way of you delivering to clients – for just £65/month.