Remote Working Is Here To Stay. What Now?

Book A Remote Working Strategic Review & Get The Clarity To Move Forward

In 2020, many businesses took the leap into remote working because they had to.

The basics are easy, but many business owners are now dealing with niggling problems that get in the way of efficiency and communication, negatively affecting the customer experience.

Staff are saying they want remote working to be permanent, raising questions about retention, wellbeing and recruitment.

And business owners tell us that cybersecurity is a hot topic when it comes to work from home staff.

Our Remote Working Strategic Review service will work with you to design a complete and actionable strategic plan to achieve permanent, effective remote working in your business in 2021.

Remove the niggles, keep everyone happy and productive, keep the business safe, and move forward into 2021 in the best possible way.

Business owners like you are now looking at how to make remote working a permanent reality.
Book Your Remote Working Strategic Review

Want Clarity?

The objective of this half-day remote working strategic review is to give you clarity.

  1. Where you are today
  2. Where you want to get to
  3. The smoothest path from A-B
  4. How much it'll cost to get there

At the end of the review you will have in your hands a detailed document setting out the strategy for you to make remote working a permanent, effective reality in your business.

Business owners tell us that these are their concerns with permanent remote working

  1. Wasting time with day-to-day problems
  2. Managing risk around cyber security/hackers
  3. Keeping staff happy and motivated
  4. Moving to smaller offices with occassional attendance
  5. Distributed workforce culture change
  6. Improving process and operations
  7. Changing customer demands
  8. Changing customer engagement wants and needs
  9. Competitive pressure on customer experience
  10. Being able to deal with a repeat of 2020 — e.g. Covid-23, Covid-26, etc.

Our £345+VAT Half-Day Remote Working Strategic Review Gives You The Answers You Need To Move Forward Into 2021 In The Best Possible Way

Digital Transformation

Step 1: 90 Minute Discovery Session With Our Principal Consultant, Matthew Reynolds

Matthew Reynolds is the founder and CEO of It's What's Next IT. He has 25-years experience in IT, specialising in software systems design for small to medium businesses. He has written a dozen books on software engineering and IT practice, and was a former Guardian technology columnist.

Digital Transformation

Step 2: Desk Research, Strategy Design, and Report Write-Up

Taking the facts from the discovery session, Matthew will design his recommended strategy tailor-made for your business.

Your report will come as an easy to read document, free of technical jargon, designed to help you zero in on exactly what you need to get the outcomes specific to you.

Digital Transformation

Step 3: Report Delivery and "Wash-Up" Call

Your Remote Working Strategic Review Report is delivered within five working days of your original review session.

Then, there's an as-long-as-needed call to make sure you are fully comfortable with the outcomes.

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