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Remote working is here to stay.

Many businesses are looking to reduce their use of office space, having staff work from home either part time or full time.

Business owners ask us how their team can access the data they need.

And how can the business control access to data? Keep it secure, and keep GDPR compliance?

Or make sure productivity doesn't take a dive?

We help businesses like yours everyday to move to the cloud and create perfectly-managed distributed teams.

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We're delighted to support the Aylesbury SME business community from our offices near Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.

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5 Easy Takeaways To Get You Moving Today

1. Your Business Now Looks Like A Multi-site Business

Whereas the status quo was one office, and everyone attending site, now you have to manage a collection of branch offices. Cyber security and information security are key risk points for the business. What can be solved with education, is it now time to buy a cybersecurity insurance policy, and what technical measures (such as enterprise antivirus) are requried?

2. Encryption Becomes More Important

It's now critical that you are actively encrypting employees' devices. Any loss of a device when it's away from the office exposes you to having to disclose to your customers and partners that data has been lost.

3. Enhancing 'Flow' At Home

Flow is the state of concentration and fluid work where everything comes together using the individual's maximum capability, and having the IT set-up right physically can either enhance flow, or cause interruption. Make sure everyone has two monitors, and a proper keyboard and mouse to work at.

4. Equip Your Staff For Great Video Conferencing Experiences

Teams is great for working with people you know, Zoom is great for working with people you don't — make sure staff have access to both. A separate microphone can make all the difference in letting people get their point across — they're nearly always better than the built-in one their laptop came with.

5. What About Plain Old Telephone Calls?

If more communication is being done over video conferencing systems, in particular Teams, does the business' telephone system still match what's required? Are there cost and complexity savings that can be made here?

Remote Working Is Here To Stay. What Now?

In 2020, many businesses took the leap into remote working because they had to.

The basics are easy, but many business owners are now dealing with niggling problems that get in the way of efficiency and communication, negatively affecting the customer experience.

Our Remote Working Strategic Review service will work with you to design a complete and actionable strategic plan to achieve permanent, effective remote working in your business in 2021.

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