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Keep Trading Whilst The Building's On Fire: Business Continuity For SMEs
Thu 22/Apr/2021 10:30am In 4 days
Online Zoom Event
We’ve all recently learnt a thing or two about how to keep our businesses going when the unexpected happens—How can we develop those skills?

Over the past 18 months, we’ve all had to keep our businesses trading in exceptional circumstances. We’ve all, without knowing it, had a crash course in business continuity.

What’s was unusual about how we responded to Covid-19 is that disasters are often short and sharp.

Maybe the office gets robbed? Maybe a key supplier goes bankrupt without warning? What about a malware attack that puts all your computers offline?

All businesses need to have two types of plan in place – a business continuity plan (keep trading whilst things are going to custard), and a disaster recovery plan (get back to normal after the storm passes).

In this webinar, we’ll take you through how to put together both of these types of plan – the benefit to you is being able to control risks that today would catch you off-guard.

- Threat Modelling 101 – how to see what you have, map out the constellation of risks, understand their potential impact, and mitigate,

- Communication and the value of “slow is smooth and smooth is fast”,

- Maintain customer confidence in delivery,

- Control and insure against cyber security risks,

- Keep your data at hand with a properly managed backup strategy,

- It’s not all bad – find ways to turn problems into opportunities.

The Upshot?

Practical advice that you can take back into the business to that you can continue to efficiently and effectively trade when disaster strikes.

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How To Get Your OneDrive, Teams & SharePoint Set-up Perfected, GUARANTEED
Thu 29/Apr/2021 10:30am In 11 days
Online Zoom Event
The Number 1 Question That We’ve Had So Far in 2021 – “How Do We Set-Up Our OneDrive, Teams, And SharePoint Properly"

The pandemic forced many business into adopting and making more use of three key products – OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint.

All these products had been in development in Microsoft’s labs for many years before 2020, but each of them were thrust into the limelight before they were fully ready for the mass adoption that we saw.

And the cats out of the bag – even when we reach a post-pandemic world, being able to make effective use of these three technologies will deliver genuine wins to the business, benefitting whatever you measure with your KPIs and improving the end customer experience.

Many SME owners are asking questions about how to correctly set-up these three technologies so that it creates genuine value to the business.

In the webinar we’ll look at:

- What’s the specific value each of these three brings to the business,

- Why there was such huge adoption of these tools at the start of the pandemic (it’s not just because Teams does video calls…)

- How to architect and design your set-up so that it’s efficient, staff enjoy using it, and so it’ll grow with the business.

- How to properly secure data in it so that customer privacy is assured,

- Using Teams to collaborate with customers to directly benefit the end customer experience,

- The importance of a backup strategy and disaster recovery,

The Upshot?

In our webinars, we always look to deliver genuine value that can be taken back into the business.

What’s you’ll take-away from this webinar is a clear view on how best to configure, secure, and build effective workflows around OneDrive, Teams, and SharePoint.

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Training and Programmes

The Office of 2022

An email delivered programme over 30 days. In June 2020, we ran a series of workshops with local SME business owners about what they thought The Office of 2022 might look like as a result of this sudden shift in working practice.
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Fuel Your Business Growth With CRM

An email delivered programme over 30 days. Most SME owners know that they need a customer relationship management system (CRM), but it can be hard to know exactly how to get value out of one.
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30 IT Thoughts in 30 Days

An email delivered programme over 30 days, designed to help SME owners reflect on how IT is used within the business. Take it slow, and see what 'percolates up', rather than be targeted or goal-led.
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1-to-1 Virtual Lunch

As a social enterprise, we believe in the maxim that if we each do well, we all do well. One 1-to-1 Virtual Lunch programme helps SME business owners use IT to innovate and pivot, increasing their resilience to economic challenges. Delivered over Zoom, and free of charge.
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Strong in '21 — Supporting Milton Keynes' Third Sector in 2021

A unique programme, offered by our social enterprise to your charity.
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