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The Smart SME Owner's Guide: Protecting Your Business With Cyber Essentials

Thu 13/Aug/2020 9:30am Today
Online Zoom Event
You'll learn exactly how to implement Cyber Essentials information security practices in your business, even if you're not-technical.

Cyber Essentials is a UK government backed scheme to help businesses adopt best practice in cybersecurity and information security. At it's core, it's a set of recommendations that businesses can follow to secure their IT.

Every business can benefit from it, but if you're not an IT person, the recommendations can look like gobbledegook. In this event, Matthew Reynolds (CEO of It's What's Next IT) will take you through every section of Cyber Essentials and help you understand how to implement it in your business, even if you are not-technical.

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Training and Programmes

The Office of 2022

An email delivered programme over 30 days. In June 2020, we ran a series of workshops with local SME business owners about what they thought The Office of 2022 might look like as a result of this sudden shift in working practice.
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Fuel Your Business Growth With CRM

An email delivered programme over 30 days. Most SME owners know that they need a customer relationship management system (CRM), but it can be hard to know exactly how to get value out of one.
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30 IT Thoughts in 30 Days

An email delivered programme over 30 days, designed to help SME owners reflect on how IT is used within the business. Take it slow, and see what 'percolates up', rather than be targeted or goal-led.
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1-to-1 Virtual Lunch

As a social enterprise, we believe in the maxim that if we each do well, we all do well. One 1-to-1 Virtual Lunch programme helps SME business owners use IT to innovate and pivot, increasing their resilience to economic challenges. Delivered over Zoom, and free of charge.
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Insights and Research

The IWN-IT Research Group provides a unique service to SMEs — a group often overlooked by larger research groups, but still in need of the same high-quality advice and guidance. We publish our quarterly SME IT Technology Radar — an overview report on the information technology factors that affect owners of SMEs today — along with detailed "drilldowns" into specific topics.

SME Information Technology Radar: Issue 1 (March-May 2020)

Download our SME Information Technology Radar — an in-depth look at the most important IT issues for SME owners
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The SME IT Podcast from It's What's Next IT

The Nuts and Bolts of IT for SMEs

Some IT decisions are easy to make -- the basics of how you do email, where you store your files, and how you manage your backups. In this episode, Matthew Reynolds looks at these "nuts and bolts" issues, in addition to some "gotcha" on encryption, and first looks at how to build a data-driven business
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IT issues? Niggling Problems? What's Next?

"I'd be to interested in hearing about the sorts of IT issues or niggles you have within your business. Whatever's going on, I'm sure we can sort things out right away."


By Matthew Reynolds on 9 August 2020

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Remote Working and Black Swans

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Your “Data-Driven” SME

Every action within our business results in some data that can help us make better decisions
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