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Use "Digital Transformation" In Your SME To Do More With Less £££

Thu 12/Nov/2020 10:30am In 13 days
Online Zoom Event
As we get to the end of 2020, we've all got one eye on the question: "How can I do more with the same (or less) money?"

Large businesses use Digital Transformation to do more with less money.

i.e. by making (incremental, well-judged) investments in IT, they can drive up productivity.

When we look at 2021, are we likely to be asked to do more with less?

In this webinar, we'll take a look at how SMEs can get some of the wins that large businesses get -- setting their business up to be more efficient, get better productivity out of staff, and find new opportunities for growth.

- Learn exactly what is meant by "digital transformation" -- clear the fog, demystify, and assess,

- Answer the question: "does this fit? is digital transformation part of my puzzle in 2021"?

- See how to make better decisions by gathering and using data,

- Drive efficiency by augmenting talent in your business with robot process automation,

- Reach new customers by transforming the way you interact with your market.

The upshot?

Our events always look to deliver practical, real-world advice that you can take back into your business and start benefitting from that same afternoon.

This one though has the added dimension in that it'll help you, and your senior team, understand if and how digital transformation can get you closer to your business goals in 2021.

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Training and Programmes

The Office of 2022

An email delivered programme over 30 days. In June 2020, we ran a series of workshops with local SME business owners about what they thought The Office of 2022 might look like as a result of this sudden shift in working practice.
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Fuel Your Business Growth With CRM

An email delivered programme over 30 days. Most SME owners know that they need a customer relationship management system (CRM), but it can be hard to know exactly how to get value out of one.
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30 IT Thoughts in 30 Days

An email delivered programme over 30 days, designed to help SME owners reflect on how IT is used within the business. Take it slow, and see what 'percolates up', rather than be targeted or goal-led.
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1-to-1 Virtual Lunch

As a social enterprise, we believe in the maxim that if we each do well, we all do well. One 1-to-1 Virtual Lunch programme helps SME business owners use IT to innovate and pivot, increasing their resilience to economic challenges. Delivered over Zoom, and free of charge.
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Insights and Research

The IWN-IT Research Group provides a unique service to SMEs — a group often overlooked by larger research groups, but still in need of the same high-quality advice and guidance. We publish our quarterly SME IT Technology Radar — an overview report on the information technology factors that affect owners of SMEs today — along with detailed "drilldowns" into specific topics.

“I’d love to hear from you about how the issues you're having with IT and the goals you have set for your business.

“How can we support you to design and deliver an IT strategy that can support your business in delivering your organisation's goals over the coming year?”


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