Our Approach

How we do what we do

We work with growing SMEs that want local, proactive, tailored, managed IT services, with unlimited access to support, and a 3-month rolling contract.

For Your Growing Business

We are set-up exclusively to help owners of small to medium-sized businesses, who are looking for their businesses to grow. We believe that IT needs should "just work", and that good IT systems "fade into the background", letting you do what you need to do day-to-day without frustration or interruption.

Local, Proactive, and Tailored

The best IT for SMEs is a) supported by a team that is local, b) works proactively to make sure that your IT is in tip-top shape, and that c) is tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Unlimited Support Calls and Tickets

We don't limit your access to our support desk — you can make unlimited calls and raise an unlimited number of tickets in your monthly service charge. Our support desk is available Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm every weekday of the year excluding Christmas day.

3-Month Rolling Contract

Our standard contact is a very simple 3-month rolling contract.

Six-Step Engagement Plan

We have a standard six-step plan that we use to engage with our customers — this plan lets us fully understand your business and your prorities, and helps ensure that your IT keeps step with your business needs.

You'll have the same account manager throughout the engagement — this is a senior member of staff who does the initial audit, develops the roadmap, and holds day-to-day responsibilty for the planned proactive maintenance tasks and any reactive support issues.

1. Initial Audit

The first thing we'll do when we start working with you is take a deep look at your existing IT set-up. (This includes laptops, servers, mobile devices, and printers.) We include in this any software that you currently have installed, and any cloud-based services that you us — e.g. Office 365, Sage, etc. We'll also discuss with you any issues or snags that you're currently having. This gives us both a view of where you currently are.

2. Strategy Roadmap

Following on from the initial audit is the strategy roadmap. This is our chance to learn about your business objectives, and we can use this to create a picture for both of us about where your IT is and where it needs to get to. This strategy roadmap is a living document, and we'll keep working on it together throughout the engagement.

3. Planned Preventative Maintenance

Borrowing a key lesson from the Facilities Management industry, "planned preventitive maintenance" keeps your IT system running smoothly. We maintain a programme of work that needs to be regularly done on your systems, and assign our engineers to make sure it does get done when its time.

4. 24/7 Monitoring

Sometimes things will go wrong, despite the planned maintenance. That's why we monitor your IT systems 24/7 so that we know about problems the moment they occur, allowing us to step in and resolve the issue before it has a chance to impact your business.

5. Unrestricted Access

There is no point outsourcing your IT if you can never get any help with it. We don't limit access to our support desk, so any day-to-day problems you can simply phone up (or create a ticket online if you prefer) and we'll get to work. But we're not only open to receive support issues — you can pick up the phone anytime and talk through any aspect of your IT. This can be particuarly helpful to business owners who need to "sound out" questions about opportunities within and for their business.

6. 3-Month Reviews

To keep everything ticking along nicely, we will schedule in reviews every three months with your account manager. Practically, this is a good way to ensure that our strategy roadmap is up-to-date in terms of where your business is headed, but it's also a good opportunity to get any snags worked out one-to-one.

Our Philosophy

We may be a social enterprise, but we're an IT business because we love empowering smaller businesses with the types of IT systems and performance that their larger competitors enjoy. We work hard to provide to our clients the very best, and most reliable IT systems, services, and support, keenly priced with the SME business owner in mind.

Good IT systems get out of the way, "fading into the background" to let you get on with your job. We love IT, because we do it every day, but our customers want IT that simply "just works". When you run a small or medium business, it's essential that your IT keeps up and running. After all, you need to get on and do the actual running of the business, the job that only you can do. If you're IT is not working, failing, or falling over, or simply can't do what you need it to, you and your team are wasting time that could be better spent building your business, selling more, or keeping your customers happy.

We manage your IT not just as if it's our own — we manage it as if it's the IT that our close family members use. No one who works for us wants to have the IT that they're looking after fail, in the same way that we don't want the personal IT that our spouses or our parents use to fail.

Our Approach