MK Laptop Project — Schools Referrals

The MK Laptop Project takes donated laptops from local Milton Keynes businesses and gets them into the hands of local Milton Keynes children who need IT for their schoolwork.

Laptops are becoming an increasingly important tool for children during their school careers. Some families are not in a position to buy laptops for their children.

It is estimated that 9% of children live with so-called "digital poverty" — that describes around 6,000 children living in Milton Keynes.

The issue of digital poverty has been highlighted by the pandemic, but of course this is an issue that has life beyond the pandemic.

If you have children in your school who need laptops for use at home, please complete the referral form below.

Please complete the firm to make a referral into the project

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What internet connection do you have at home. Enter 'None' if you don't have internet, or 'Don't know' if you're unsure.
What assistance from the project do you need, how many children do you support who might benefit from this project, etc.
How can you help the project? How many laptops can you donate, etc?
Please note that laptops should be in working order. If you have laptops that need physical repair, please contact us and we can arrange for the laptops to be taken by one of our partners where they can be refurbished or recycled.
Thank you! We will be in touch :)