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The de facto office suite for personal use and use in all types of business.

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IT issues? Niggling Problems? What's Next?

"I'd be to interested in hearing about the sorts of IT issues or niggles you have within your business. Whatever's going on, I'm sure we can sort things out right away."

The SME IT Podcast from It's What's Next IT

Email: Traps, Gotchas, and More for SME Owners

In this episode, we're taking a look at all things email — seemingly a boring topic, but beneath the surface it's very "universality" (the fact that email is used by everyone) creates some interesting ways in which we can drive innovation within our businesses. We look at Microsoft 365 and G Suite, email filling, email archiving, email security, and more
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By Matthew Reynolds on 5 July 2020

Coca-Cola and Pepsi: Microsoft 365 and G Suite

Microsoft 365 is the Coca-Cola of the "groupware" world. Is there space for the Pepsi that is Google G Suite?
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By Matthew Reynolds

Thinking Big With SharePoint

SharePoint is a weird product that nearly everyone uses, but no one really uses properly
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Email Hygiene is The Most Important Skill to Teach Your Employees

Secure your business more effectively with this one weird trick