Family Referral

We've partnered with MK Community Foundation to ensure that more children have access to a computer at home

Laptops are becoming an increasingly important tool for children during their school careers. Some families are not in a position to buy laptops for their children.

It is estimated that 9% of children nationally don't have access to a laptop computer to use for their schoolwork at home. this issue has been highlighted by the pandemic, but of course this is an issue that has life beyond the pandemic.

If you are a parent or carer of a child or children who need a laptop at home for their schoolwork, please complete the form below.

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If you would prefer that we do not contact you, or wish to make an anonymous request for a laptop, please call us on 0808 196 4644 to discuss how we can help you.
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Please note that we will take laptops in any condition.
All laptops are securely wiped using military-standard data destruction tools
We'll happily take any other hardware you have, printers, tablets, desktops, etc
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