Donate A Used/Spare Laptop

We've partnered with MK Community Foundation to ensure that more children have access to a computer at home

Your donation is absolutely invaluable in helping a child or young person living with digital poverty.

We've spoken to many families who had to choose which of their children had access to a computer for schoolwork during lockdown.

Others told us they their children were having to do schoolwork using their parent or carers phone.

Do you have a laptop sitting in a desk drawer or cupboard that you no longer use?

Please note that we support many other community projects — if you have any other hardware, like desktops, monitors, printers, tablets, etc, these are all hugely welcome.
  1. We take laptops in any condition
  2. All laptops are securely wiped to a military standard
  3. You can drop your donation off at our offices next to Bletchley Park, or we can arrange to collect
  4. We'll feature you and your business on our socials to show our gratitude for your support 💙

How It Works

  1. We take donations of unused laptops in any condition from businesses of any size
  2. We assess the laptop to see if it can use used by a child or young person for their homework
  3. We securely wipe all the data to a military standard
  4. We refurbish the laptop and make it work beautifully for the young student
  5. We deliver the laptop to school to pass on to the young student

Education is one of the most important factors in helping young people break the cycle of deprivation that can affect families across generations.

With an increasing reliance on digital delivery in education, your gift of an unused laptop can stop a young student who desperately wants to focus on their studies from being left behind.

Most of our donations come from people who don't know what to do with an old laptop after an upgrade...

Donate A Used/Spare Laptop

  1. Please note that we will take laptops in any condition
    It's very helpful if you have the power adapter, but it's not critical
    All laptops are securely wiped using military-standard data destruction tools
    We'll happily take any other hardware you have, printers, tablets, desktops, etc
    Drop us an email if you have any questions: [email protected]
  2. We can either collect your donation , or you can drop it off to us
    Our offices in Water Eaton, Bletchley, and are open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You can drop off your donation to the Bletchley Business Campus reception any time that suits you 🙌
    1. It's What's Next IT
    2. Bletchley Business Campus
    3. 1-9 Barton Road, Bletchley
    4. Milton Keynes
    5. MK2 3HU
    6. Google Street View

    That's it!

    Thank you very much for your donation. We look forward to seeing you 😀