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What's brought you here today? Are there issues with IT in your business that are getting in the way of your day-to-day? Do you wonder how IT can be used as more than just "email and files" and help transform your business so it's more agile, more robust?

We're here to help.

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We love to work with SMEs of between 5 and 50 staff, based in and around the Milton Keynes-Northampton corridor.

IT Projects

Sometimes meeting a specific challenge means a specific change to your IT. Running an IT project -- choosing vendors, making the right decision -- can be difficult. We are your ideal IT partner to help your business make the right choices to deliver that IT project on-time and on-budget.

Microsoft 365

It's an unusual business that doesn't require Microsoft 365 -- some businesses haven't got there yet and need some support in moving into the cloud. We offer a complete "white-glove" service, taking over the burden of migrating your business into the cloud.

Microsoft Teams

Today, our customers are more reliant on collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams and Microsoft SharePoint than ever before. We can help you with the challenge of properly implementing and rolling out these tools, supporting office-based, work from home staff, and delighting your clients and partners.

Customer Service

Being good at IT is just half the issue. We pride ourselves in making sure that our customers are 100% delighted, 100% of the time.

Cyber Security

All businesses now face the dual challenge of keeping customer and other private data secure, combined with protecting the business against cyber-threats. We take a unique approach with this -- implementing the best tools for the job, combined with education programms for directors and staff.

Round-the-Clock Monitoring

Computers never sleep, and neither do our monitoring systems that operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This lets us keep your systems in tip-top shape, spotting and resolving problems before you even know they're happening.

Data-Driven Business

IT is more than just email and file storage. There are countless ways in which the data you have in your business can be put to use. Use data to make better, faster, smarter decisions. SMEs can do this too -- not just large corporates with huge IT budgets.

The Best Advice in Town

Unlike other IT support companies, we are committed to providing the absolute best advice to our clients and the local business community. We're built on a foundation of strong technical leadership -- from the top-down we fully understand how to flex and bend IT to make it work in the absolute best way. Our vision is a local business community that knows absolutely how to use IT to its best effect -- creating dynamic, vibrant data-driven, innovative businesses that delight their customers, are also great places to work, and benefit the local economy and ecology.

We always give sensible, pragmatic, workable advice.

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What can Managed IT Support in Milton Keynes do for you?

A good IT support partner works with you to both keep your IT operational, and to ensure your IT is designed and implemented to support you in reaching your business goals. It's a fully managed service, available either on a contract or pay-as-you-go basis. You'll get a single point of contract who understands you, your business and business goals, your IT, and staff, and who's job it is to build a close relationship to work in partnership.

The day-to-day Milton Keynes computer services that we offer include an IT helpdesk (aka an IT service desk) that you or your staff can call if they have issues. This lets you and your staff gain access to 1st line support each and every working day. The helpdesk is augmented by fully managed 24/7 systems that monitor and maintain your IT systems and devices, keeping them in an ideal, tip-top shape and to keep your computers running full time.

Data recovery services are available for when data has been lost or damaged (e.g. a laptop damaged in a fire), computer repair services for when something has broken down unexpectedly (e.g. a laptop screen or phone screen has been damaged), removal of virus and removal of malware. All this can be done in the office or at home (important when we have staff who working from home more).

We also work hard to make sure we're supporting the local business community in and around the Milton Keynes-Northampton corridor by offering downloadable programmes, regular online events, and publishing insights and commentary on our blog. We share advice with our clients and the local business community on cyber security (aka information security) threats and countermeasures.

We feel we are one of the best IT support companies in Milton Keynes, and we offer a genuinely unique approach both in terms of how we approach our work with our clients plus we are a social enterprise, we employ people disadvantaged in the job market, helping them to build meaningful careers in IT.

We are proud to support
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