IT Support and Helpdesk

Managed IT support makes sure that your devices are patched, up-to-date and working as well as they can be -- as well as providing a helpline you can call for any emergencies.

What is it?

Managed IT and IT Support are the core aspects of managing your IT.

When you run a small or medium business, it's essential that your IT keeps up and running. After all, you need to get on and do the actual running of the business, the job that only you can do. If you're IT is not working, failing, or falling over, or simply can't do what you need it to, you and your team are wasting time that could be better spent building your business, selling more, or keeping your customers happy.

Businesses either outsource management to businesses like ours, or they manage their IT themselves. Whoever manages it -- an outsourced partner, or an in-house resource, it's their job to keep IT problems of your hair, and out of the hair of other people in the business.

Managed IT involves planned, proactive maintenance of your IT. Usually this involves keeping your devices patched and up-to-date, making sure your antivirus and other security software is running, and making sure that your backups are running properly.

The IT helpdesk is there when things go wrong, don't work right, or need changing to suit an emerging need. This is called "break/fix" -- when it breaks, you call the IT Helpdesk, and a technician fixes the problem.

About our Managed IT Services and IT Helpdesk

Our managed IT and IT helpdesk is the core service that we provide, with one monthly managed service fee, we cover all of your IT. This is called your "estate". At "It's What's Next IT", what we consider to be your estate is very broad. It includes laptop and desktop computers, monitors, smartphones, printers, networking equipment within your office, the networking equipment that connects your office to the internet, all of the software you install, all the cloud services that we use, landline and VoIP internet services, and any peripherals. Age isn't important -- we'll cover a 20 year old computer in the same way that we cover one that you've just purchased.

We also include everything that needs to be working in order for you to be able to use your IT -- if you told us that the gas lifts in your chair meant your chair didn't go up and down, or that the picture on your mousemat was a little faded, we'd look after that problem too. It's absolutely critical to us that you know everything is covered, and that you feel you're completely looked after. That's why we take such a broad view of what your IT "is". (Our managed service fee is obviously labour only -- parts are charged extra.)

We then monitor and maintain your IT, proactively fixing things that were broken or breaking, to ensure that your IT is in the best possible state. We manage your IT not just as if it's our own -- we manage it as if it's the IT that our close family members use. No one who works for us wants to have the IT that they're looking after fail, in the same way that we don't want the personal IT that our spouses, or our parents to fail.

Our IT helpdesk is there for two things -- you can call in and tell us what's broken, and we'll fix it. you can also call in and ask for advice. There is no limits on our helpdesk -- you can call in as often as you like, and for as long as you like. We want to make absolutely certain that you get all of the advice you need, and that you are completely confident of the decisions that you're making.

Our Recommendations?

A good relationship with a capable and diligent IT support partner will do wonders in supporting your business focus on the things that matter.

Have more confidence in knowing your IT spend delivers value, and rest easy knowing your IT systems are secure.

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