IT Support

The benefits of having someone else look after your IT are crystal clear.

Having IT problems can get in the way of you running your business.

After all, you're in business to do what only you can do -- you're not in the business of manging backups, updating computers, and fixing problems when they occur.

Outsouring your IT support lets you focus on your business.

We help businesses like yours everyday to move from an existing IT partner, or to start working with an IT partner for the first time.

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Our Quick and Simple IT Support Recommendations

5 Easy Takeaways To Get You Moving Today

1. Part of Growth and Growing Up

Businesses that have grown to be large will always use some sort of professional IT support – either in-house or outsourced – yet very few businesses starts out with that support in place. In the life of every business, a point is crossed where the team no longer wants to support its IT itself and wants someone to manage it for them. A common way to sell this is “outsource your IT and focus on your business” – i.e. get rid of the day-to-day hassle of dealing with your IT.

2. A Helpdesk for Problems

The first core activity of any IT support business is offering a “helpdesk”, someone that you can bring in to fix problems within the business. This is sold either as a contract for support (which works in a similar way to an insurance product – if something goes wrong, someone comes in to fix it), or it can be done pay-as-you-go on an hourly rate. The advantage is that you’re offloading any IT issues to someone who can deal with it briskly.

3. The Prevention of Problems is Better than Cure

The second core activity of any IT support business is updates and patching. It’s absolutely essential from an information security standpoint that computers are kept on the latest versions of operating systems and other software as this creates an environment of security. IT support businesses will look after all this for you.

4. A Source of Great, Timely Advice

Your IT provider shoudd be always on hand to give you the best possible, independent, tailored advice to your business. As improving or changing the business’s IT is so often related to the business realising its objectives, this aspect can be much undervalued.

5. Don't Be Afraid to Migrate Away

Partnerships between IT support business and customers tend to be very long-lived. It’s not uncommon to find that commercial relationship lasting five, ten, or even 15 years. Such a long commercial relationship can create a lot of inertia and make it changing provider very stressful even though such a transition can usually be done in a very straightforward fashion.

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