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IT projects change the game for your SME.

Most SMEs think of IT as a way sending emails and storing files.

Large organisations think of IT as a way of drive efficiency, innovating, and disruptive.

There's no reason why SMEs can't get the same benefits enjoyed by large organisations — it just requires a change of mindset, and support from a great IT partner.

We help businesses like yours everyday to design and deliver winning IT projects.

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We're delighted to support the Bedford SME business community from our offices near Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.

Our Quick and Simple IT Projects Recommendations

5 Easy Takeaways To Get You Moving Today

1. Don't Have Nightmares

Whenever an organisation attempts a project that’s not within its area of expertise, there’s a risk it won’t go well. IT projects have a particular reputation for going badly, but this is just because it makes good press – any IT project can run smoothly with proper planning and management.

2. Work Hard to Set Realistic Outcomes

It is essential to be realistic. One of the challenges of building IT systems (really, these are software systems) is that it can be very hard to see the outcome accurately at the outset. Make sure the businesses objectives of undertaking the project are clearly agreed, and double-check that all the stakeholders have understood the intent of the work.

3. Take Advantage of the Best Tools

Projects live or die by the quality of their communication. Luckily, tools for communication and collaboration are now commodity tools, meaning that they are generally easily available, work well, and are inexpensive. Most SMEs will have access to Microsoft Teams for collaboration, but other tools like ClickUp, Monday.com, and Basecamp all have a role to play.

4. Plan Within a Greater Programme

Projects don’t exist in a vacuum. Projects are more likely to succeed, and deliver better value to the business, is they are couched within a programme of change backed up by a formal roadmap agreed by management. This roadmap itself should be flexible and be able to adapt as the needs of the business changes.

5. Foster Shared Outcomes

IT people have historically tended to operate separately from the rest of the business, creating an us-and-them culture. Whilst this is generally better than it used to be, it’s essential to ensure that any IT partner along with all the stakeholders regularly “sit at the same table” and look to create genuine collaboration.

Remote Working Is Here To Stay. What Now?

In 2020, many businesses took the leap into remote working because they had to.

The basics are easy, but many business owners are now dealing with niggling problems that get in the way of efficiency and communication, negatively affecting the customer experience.

Our Remote Working Strategic Review service will work with you to design a complete and actionable strategic plan to achieve permanent, effective remote working in your business in 2021.

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