For Individuals

An IT career opportunity for someone with a story to tell

How it works

Everyone deserves a fresh start, and we believe it's the responsibility of all employers to look for the unique "spark" in every individual.

These are the sort of people we expect to help, but if you don't see yourself in this list, don't worry — keep reading and please do apply.

  • Care leavers
  • Ex-services personnel
  • Ex-offenders
  • Survivors of human trafficking/modern slavery
  • Refugees
  • Neurodiverse individuals
  • Individuals with a history of homelessness
  • Individuals in recovery from addiction
  • Individuals with social anxiety/social phobia/agoraphobia
  • Individuals with long-term mental or physical health challenges
  • Individuals not in employment, education, or training (NEET)
  • Long-term unemployed
  • Single parents/carers and/or those with family challenges
  • Ex-military

If you are currently already supported by a case worker in your journey back to work, please get them to read the information in our For Professionals page, and ask them to contact us.

We don't expect anyone applying to have formal qualifications or experience in IT. Our training providers may well, however, expect you to demonstrate certain maths or written english skills.

When someone comes to work with us, they will typically start on an apprenticeship. This is a combination of on-the-job training, and time spent in a classroom learning. It's likely that you will be quite vulnerable at this point, and we will work to get the right support in place so that work is a "safe space" where you can concentrate on learning and your work.

After the apprenticeship, which lasts around 15 months, there is a two-year "in-house" training programme where we turn you from a qualified professional in IT to someone who is exceptional, and is well on their way to having a fulfilling career. After this, you can graduate up into the business and help train the next group to come through, or seek employment with another organiations. (We'll help you do that, if that's what you want to do.)

Ultimately we hope that given this opportunity, those people who are succesful with us will go onto build their own social enterprises and help continue the change that we hope to make into the future.

One difference with us is that we are not an employment project that looks to get large numbers of people back into work. We work with a small number of individuals who have a certain aptitude to be successful in IT.

Please Contact Us to learn more about applying for a position.

For Individuals