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Wed 1/Jul/2020 9:30am In 27 days
Online Zoom Event
All businesses need a CRM, but what's the best way to implement one within our SME?

It's easy to just go online and buy a CRM, just because we think we need one.

CRM is an essential piece of software for any business — just like your accounts package is — but it can be hard to work out how to implement one within your SME business so that it gives you more value than simply having a "shoebox full of business cards".

In this online seminar, we'll take you through the top pain points of CRM implementation, how to choose one, how to roll it out within the business, and how to set it up and use it so that a) you can make genuine "data driven" decisions within your business, and b) you can drive efficiency, resilience, and adaptability.

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The Office of 2022 — An Interactive Workshop for SME Owners (Mon

Mon 8/Jun/2020 1:00pm In 4 days
Online Zoom Event
The Office of 2022 will look very different to the Office of 2019. What can we do to bake in resilience and agility today?

No doubt the way that we work will change over the coming years — the "Office of 2022" and the way that we work, meet, and set-up our working environments will be very different.

Large businesses will be thinking about this now — but as small business owners what we can we start putting into place today to make us more agile and resilient, so that by the time 2022 rolls around we're "boxing clever" and have adapted in the most beneficial way.

This is an interactive workshop for about a half-dozen small business owners — not a talk or a lecture. It's a chance to start thinking about these issues and an opportunity to "workshop" plans or concerns in a supportive environment.

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