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IT is an amazing tool to help your business run beautifully, but there can be ways that weaknesses in your IT can be exploited.

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  1. Every Burglary is a Data Breach: IT and Work From Home Employees

    Wed 2/Dec/2020 10:30am Tomorrow
    Online Zoom Event
    It’s looking like we’ll always have to support employees who want to work from home, but what risks do work from homers create?

    Prior to Covid-19, employees would turn up, do their work, and go home. We might have a few outliers who worked remotely, but they were few and far between.

    This meant the business could focus and equip an office with desks and computers, and the physical nature of the office offered some protection without much effort.

    Theft has always been an issue to businesses – a stolen PC has ramifications in terms of having to report to the ICO and perhaps all your customers. Now, rather than one office, you have to manage the security of one main office and 5, 10, 15 “branch offices”.

    Without that physical protections of one central office, how can you control the risk within your business?

    - Learn how to encrypt devices to keep private data private even when a device is stolen,

    - How can you partition and protect data to prevent rogue employees walking off with it,

    - Discover the correct technical solutions that keep the business safe,

    - Learn about insurance products that can help you reduce your risk.

    The upshot?

    Practical advice that you can take back into the business on how to keep your business safe – protect yourself against theft, reputational damage, as well as cutting out wasted time firefighting.

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