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We all have to manage our data risks these days.

Hackers and bad actors are everywhere. All businesses need robust safeguards against losing data.

GDPR — and cultural changes — require us to take good care of company, partner, and staff data.

Controlling cyber security and information security can mean the difference between trading on day, and failure the next.

We help businesses like yours everyday implement and manage the very best in technical and policy solutions to cyber and information security threats.

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We're delighted to support the Aylesbury SME business community from our offices near Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.

Our Quick and Simple Cyber Security & Information Security Recommendations

5 Easy Takeaways To Get You Moving Today

1. A Critical Issue

Information security (for all information), and cyber security (just related to computers and computer-stored data) is a critical issue for all businesses to handle, including SMEs. Information security is more about process, cyber security is more about tools and practice.

2. Three Easy Steps to Better Security

Most issues related to cyber security can be solved by a) keeping the computers updates, b) using strong passwords (along with a password manager like LastPass), and c) using appropriate antivirus products.

3. Emails Represent Your Biggest Risk

Emails are used more than anything to deliver viruses and malware into the business. To guard against this, there needs to be a cultural-level understanding that email links and attachments should not be trusted unless they are absolutely known to be safe.

4. Encryption is the Biggest Blind-Spot

Encryption of devices tends to be a major blind-spot for SMEs. If you lose a device that’s not encrypted, anyone can read the data on it. This can be reputationally problematic for the business, but also exposes you to fines from the ICO under GDPR.

5. Expressly Plan to Handle Disasters

Most SMEs don’t have a considered process for disaster recovery and business continuity. Key to this is the importance of backups – not only do you need to know you're backing up what you need to backup, but you also need to actively manage thi sprocess within business, essentially to ensure that backups will work if/when something does go wrong.

Remote Working Is Here To Stay. What Now?

In 2020, many businesses took the leap into remote working because they had to.

The basics are easy, but many business owners are now dealing with niggling problems that get in the way of efficiency and communication, negatively affecting the customer experience.

Our Remote Working Strategic Review service will work with you to design a complete and actionable strategic plan to achieve permanent, effective remote working in your business in 2021.

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