Cyber Essentials Readiness

Streamline getting your business Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

Cyber Essentials Readiness

Streamline getting your business Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

Cyber threats can having a hugely negative effect on your business, wasting valuable time, your money, and risks harming your reputation.

Cyber Essentials is an excellent government backed scheme that creates baseline cyber security baseline within your business.

As a technical standard, many business owners need support in getting their business Cyber Essentials certified. We offer our Cyber Essentials Readiness scheme to take away the pain and hassle of getting certififed. One payment, and we sort it for you.

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Why Be Cyber Essentials Accredited?

  1. Stop any negative unwanted effects like financial damage, distractions, wasted time, and reputational damage
  2. Prevent losing work to competitors who have CE accreditation
  3. Show capability to protect customer's data in the market
  4. Reduce risks of fines from non-compliance (GDPR etc)
  5. Be set-up to face an evolving landscape of threats

Are Your Customers Asking for Cyber Essentials?

Because of their exposed risk, customers are more frequently asking for their suppliers to be Cyber Essentials accredited.

(We do most of our Cyber Essentials Readiness work for customers who urgently need accreditation because of a looming proposal deadline...)

It's really easy for a customer to ask for Cyber Essentials accreditation. Being a decent standard means that there's genuine value in them doing so.

(All they have to do is put a bullet-point in a document somewhere — it backs off their risk with virtually zero effort.)

Why not get Cyber Essentials accredited before some major pressure point like a bid deadline demands it?

Our "Cyber Essentials Readiness" Scheme

    This is how we'll get your business Cyber Essentials/Cyber Essentials Plus accredited...

  1. Handholding/coaching you through through an overview of what’s involved in getting Cyber Essentials accreditation
  2. Complete analysis and assessment of the your cyber security footing – gap analysis to identify any works that need resolving
  3. Working with any existing IT partners to implement any remedial works
  4. Making the submissions to IASME on your behalf
  5. Liaising with the assessor to make any secondary submissions
  6. Developing and supporting implementation of policies required to achieve Cyber Essentials accreditation for the business

How To Get Started

Our Cyber Essentials Readiness scheme costs £350+VAT, plus the IASME assessment fee of £300+VAT.

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In a hurry?

If you need to get accreditated within the next 72 hours, we offer an expedited service for £700+VAT, plus the IASME fees.