30 IT Thoughts in 30 Days

An email delivered programme over 30 days, designed to help SME owners reflect on how IT is used within the business. Take it slow, and see what 'percolates up', rather than be targeted or goal-led.

Sometimes it's worth slowing down...

In business, we rush at things that need to be fixed — there is always today's most urgent problem that needs to be handled. Some pain or other that encourages us to work "in the business", not "on the business".

That's why we've created "30 IT Thoughts in 30 Days", a slow, reflective look at the top IT issues that affect SME owners, delivered as a one email per day.

Each day you'll receive a short email — it'll take two minutes to read, and ten minutes to think about. By the end of the programme you'll have a solid understanding of the top issues that affect SME owners, and be able to take considered, effective action without rushing, and without hitting unnecessary IT-related "pain points" as you go forward with your business.

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