1-to-1 Virtual Lunch

As a social enterprise, we believe in the maxim that if we each do well, we all do well. One 1-to-1 Virtual Lunch programme helps SME business owners use IT to innovate and pivot, increasing their resilience to economic challenges. Delivered over Zoom, and free of charge.

Sometimes you need a good sounding board...

IT is often sold on the basis of fear, uncertainty, and doubt -- that if you buy XYZ solution you'll be protected from hackers, from losing data, from reputational damage, etc.

But in the current climate, threats to small and medium businesses are more existential. We all need to pivot -- innovation, optimise, and adapt. IT can help you do this -- 80% of any IT investment should be looking away from the nuts and bolts and looking at how you can "lean in" to addressing these existential threats.

These 1-to-1 virtual lunches are done over Zoom. The format is that there's 15-20 minutes of education/orientation around IT innovation as 1-to-1 training, then the rest of the time if up to you to bring to the table any issues or questions that you need some sound advice on.

These sessions are limited to one per day, so please book your session early to get the slot that suits you.

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