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Bring Your Head and Your Heart into your IT buying decisions.

We're uniquely incorporated as a social enterprise — any profit we make from our clients goes into supporting individuals living with barriers to employment, & sustainably addressing digital exclusion with local community-led projects.

We Deliver
"Trouble-Free IT"

The business owners that we work with want their business to grow.

This means you need to concentrate — to get the day-to-day handled, and give you and your team time to "think big".

But all too often, IT can get in the way — unexpected failures and errors, questions about technical topics — it can seem that IT causes nothing but headaches.

Your IT needs not to be a distraction, and needs to support your employees to do creative, valuable work.

This is why we came up with the "Trouble-Free IT" model — a practical, cost-effective IT management and maintenance service that gives you peace of mind that your IT will support your business growth.

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  1. “Trouble-Free IT” is...

    Knowing your weekend spent working on that proposal wasn’t time wasted because your work was safely stored on Microsoft 365 cloud
  2. “Trouble-Free IT” is...

    Knowing you’ll never have to explain to your customers why you lost their data in a data breach
  3. “Trouble-Free IT” is...

    Knowing that your new hire will have all their I.T ready to go – productive from day one
  4. “Trouble-Free IT” is...

    Knowing that critical email will land in your customer’s inbox, not their spam folder

Our Services

Our technical team work around the clock to ensure your IT fits your business needs leaving you time to concentrate on growth.

Business With Head & Heart:
We're uniquely incorporated as a social enterprise

We have a two-pronged social mission to deliver first-hand employment opportunities to those living with barriers to employment, and to deliver innovative, turnkey, value-led projects to support those living with digital poverty and digital exclusion.

If you have an interest in social impact within your business, outsourcing your IT to us means that your IT spend automatically helps the local community, economy, and the environment 💙

We are proud to support
Living Wage Foundation MK Charities Social Impact UK Milton Keynes Community Foundation

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Communication at work can become very fragmented with messaging apps, file-sharing software, email and video conferencing all being used. We can help you consolidate by implementing a Teams and Sharepoint system that can perform all these tasks, making emplyee communication and file sharing much more effective. Book your free consultation to find out how we can help your business. https://www.iwn-it.com/book-a-call
Do you think you have too many video calls each day?
You can increase focus and productivity by turning off notifications when performing tasks. Notifications can force us to switch between tasks, it can then take us about 23 minutes to get back to the task at hand, according to a study from the University of California, Irvine.
We're delighted to support the Milton Keynes and Northampton SME business communities from our offices near Bletchley Park, Milton Keynes.