We find out where you want to go. Then we give you the IT tools to get you there.

Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, Cyber Security & IT Projects, Together With Sound Advice

How We Work

Most IT support companies see themselves as a ‘trade’. Just like your plumber would with your pipework, they’re on hand to drop in and fix or maintain your IT as and when issues arise.

Not so with It’s What’s Next IT.

The role we adopt is that of proactive strategic IT partner. When we work with you, we take the time to find out about your business - your background, your goals, your successes and your challenges. We find out where you want to go. Then we make it our business to give you the IT tools to get you there.

The complete Yin-Yang of Blended IT

We make sure we understand your business from top to bottom – from left to right. This means that when you come to us with the question, ‘How do we …?’, we don’t only know the answer, we’ve often addressed it even before you knocked on our door!

That's how we're unique. You might call the It’s What’s Next IT service ‘comprehensive, ‘all-round’, holistic’ even. We prefer to think of our offering as ‘the complete Yin-Yang of Blended IT’ — strategic guidance at the management level from a together with day-to-day .


Fractional CIO Support

Supporting you and your management team in ensuring that your business —

  1. has quantified and is managing your IT risk
  2. has IT that is ready to move on opportunities as they arise
  3. has IT that is cost-effective and not over-sold or over-spent,
  4. has an effective IT strategy in place that supports your busines goals
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IT Support/Project Management

Supporting your front-line staff in ensuring that —

  1. your IT systems are operating correctly, and efficiently,
  2. your IT systems enhance flow and avoid frustration
  3. staff are able to focus time and attention on creative, value-add activities
  4. projects are managed without fuss, on-time, and on-budget.
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Our “Doubly Unique” Approach

It’s What’s Next IT has a unique structure — we do the IT for SMEs, but we happen to be a social enterprise. Our workforce is made up of people disadvantaged in the job market (care leavers, ex-services personnel).

We’re the only managed IT services business in the UK that works in this way, and we stand by our social credentials by being incorporated as a Community Interest Company, or CIC.

It’s What’s Next IT is proud to serve the Milton Keynes and Northampton business communities. We work exclusively with small-to-medium businesses of between 5 to 50 people, in particular those businesses who have an interest in how a well-implemented IT strategy can support delivery of medium to long-term business goals.

“I’d love to hear from you about how the issues you're having with IT and the goals you have set for your business.

“How can we support you to design and deliver an IT strategy that can support your business in delivering your organisation's goals over the coming year?”