Managed IT and IT Helpdesk

Managed IT makes sure that your devices are patched, up-to-date and working as well as they can be. The IT helpdesk is there when you need support or advice.
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Backups and Backup Health

Backups are the cornerstone of any IT system, but they only work if you know they are up-to-date, and you know that you can restore them.
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File Servers and Document Sharing

From time-to-time you need a little bit extra from your IT, and an IT project can help you get exactly right IT for your needs.
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Office 365

Office 365 is the best way to ensure that your Microsoft Office software is working, and that your email is super-reliable.
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Email Archiving

Email archiving is a fantastic way to ensure that your business cannot lose any of your essential emails, creating a reliable store that you can refer back to if you need to.
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IT is an amazing tool to help your business run beautifully, but there can be ways that weaknesses in your IT can be exploited.
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IT Projects

From time-to-time you need a little bit extra from your IT, and an IT project can help you get exactly right IT for your needs.
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Best of Breed IT Services

First and foremost, we are an IT service provider that provides best of breed services to fast-growing SMEs in a wide area around Milton Keynes, Beds, Herts, and Bucks.

A Focused Workforce

Our workforce is drawn from groups of people who find themselves, for whatever reason, overlooked by traditional businesses — for example, care leavers, ex-services personnel, neurodiverse individuals, etc.

Trained and Ready

We're a social business that helps people build careers. We invest in training and support for vulnerable people and help them build successful, satisfying careers in IT.

Pay it Forward

We like to think tha we make a lot of sense — by engaging us to look after your IT, you're giving something back to the same community that your business operates in.

Managed IT services that let's IT "fade into the background"

Most SME business owners are not IT specialists, and want their IT to "just work". We believe this too — we like IT because we do it every day, but good IT is simply IT that "gets out of the way" and lets you get on with your work.

IT Support Pack for Solo Advisors, Coaches, and Consultants

We offer a service, especially for solo advisors and coaches. For a fixed monthly fee, we offer the same IT support that we do for our larger businesses — antivirus, updates and patches, and backup health checks, togehter with "break/fix" support (if it breaks, we fix it).
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IT Support in Milton Keynes

Local service is important to SME business owners who need support with their IT. We base our operation in Milton Keynes, and provide service thoughout Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, and Northamptonshire.
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Your managed IT services supplier checklist

  1. Proactive
  2. Tailored to you
  3. Unlimited support calls and tickets
  4. 3-month rolling contract
  5. Locally based

Put your IT spend towards your corporate social responsibility goals

As a social enterprise, any IT spend you make with us automatically goes towards your CSR objectives — every pound you spend with us goes in part towards supporting people, the local community, and the environment.

Download our SME Information Technology Radar — an in-depth look at the most important IT issues for SME owners

SME Information Technology Radar: Issue 1 (March-May 2020)

The IWN-IT SMS Information Technology Radar is your deep-dive of the ten most important issues in IT for SMEs. In this issue, we look at cloud file storage, 'Tier 1' email provides (Office 365 and G Suite), device-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud backup, backup health monitoring, internet telphony (VoIP), device encryption, password managers, laptop and desktop buying, CRM, and email archiving.
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